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Sensitive information, corporate knowledge, and personal data are now almost exclusively accessed electronically. As the world becomes more technologically advanced, there is a growing need for company asset protection of personal data.

Lumaxia has the technical expertise, network, and administrative knowledge to help companies navigate this transition successfully.

Lumaxia’s mission is to grant our clients the tools, knowledge, and confidence needed to manage efficient, sustainable, and secure IT processes. We provide employers with valuable resources and quality service to staff, train, and develop their employees while meeting federal and state compliance standards. Lumaxia helps clients to plan strategically and implement the proper safeguards to prosper long-term.

We believe in a client-centered approach and value empowering our clients, encouraging innovation in the workplace, and always working to exceed client expectations.

Leadership Team

Aida Regardiz-Vuppala is an accomplished human resources professional with over ten years of HR experience. She has executed strategic recruitment projects for a number of corporate clients including Randstad USA, WinterWyman Staffing, Robert Half Management Resources, and University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Aida has extensive experience in talent acquisition in a variety of fields including technology, manufacturing, research and development, insurance, and higher education. Her experience includes executing recruitment plans to hire 500+ employees, training, and managing talent acquisition teams, and implementing strategic solutions to improve employees experiences.

Aida holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Nichols College, majoring in Human Resource Management.

Harsh Kapoor is a 34-year technology veteran with expertise in networking/telecom, security, and machine learning/AI. He has founded and co-founded four companies, most recently Sensenet Technologies and has led all aspects of innovation, product architecture, and product development. He has experience participated in strategy, planning and technical meetings with business and technical leaders to ensure strong growth in core businesses.

His areas of technical expertise include Security technologies (for Cloud and Enterprises environment), Cryptography- RSA and ECC, Hashing, Deep Packet Inspection, FW, IPS, IDS, AV, AntiSpam, Information leakage compliance, End to End Encryption, Security solutions for IOT, Identity Solutions for authentication (for Cloud and Enterprises environment), Machine learning /AI networks – Unsupervised and Supervised Learning algorithms (in SW & Silicon), Natural Language Processing, and Blockchain.

Harsh earned his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with honors from Jadavpur University and his Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from University Of Maryland, College Park.

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