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As RPA Consultants, our team realizes that time is money. For that reason, our engagements are designed to make significant impact within a quarter.
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We are committed to keeping our company open to all people.

Work Ethic

Excellence in our work is not just expected but achieved.

Strive For Growth

Growth is viewed as the key to success. It brings new challenges and new opportunities to triumph.

We Care

Personalized care for all clients in all of our offered services.

Let Us Help You Find Your Path 

Job Seeker

Whether you are looking for a contract job or a long-term career, Lumaxia Consulting will use our connections and in-house resources to set you up for success with fantastic employers nationwide. When placing a candidate at a job there is more that goes into it than simply comparing a resume to the job requirements.


Looking to make the right hire? Or searching for the perfect job? We match talented candidates with great companies. It’s a win-win. Our staffing experts understand the importance of looking at a potential employee in a holistic manner. The needs of a position are not just the ones on paper.

RPA Consulting

We collaborate with our client’s department heads to identify end-to-end RPA opportunities and create solutions with a guaranteed ROI road map for success. Over the last 15+ years, we’ve automated our client’s labor-intensive manual processes eliminating manual errors and human inefficiency.

Our RPA Training Courses

Meet the Team

Aida Vuppala

President of Lumaxia

Aida Vuppala is Lumaxia’s fearless leader. Her bright spirit and enthusiasm for the business shines through to all of her employees. Her energy acts to set the pace of this company. Her vision for this company is coming to life and expanding each year. From RPA consulting to our staffing services, and our up-and-coming services like the WEIMMI immigration portal and our international student-centered college database CollegeMe, she is excited to see our continued success. #Leader

Lokesh Reddy

Operations Manager for India Team and Solutions Architect

Lokesh Reddy is one of Lumaxia’s RPA experts. He has 7 years of experience in Python and doing Automation. Lokesh is one of the key members of our RPA consulting team. He oversees our intern team in India, in addition to him acting as the link between the India team and the US team. #IndiaTeam

Kiran Nara

RPA Solutions Architect

Kiran Narais one of our RPA experts. He has 7 years of experience in the industry and also has experience in AA, Uipath, Blue Prism, Antworks, Work fusion, and Win automation. His work in employee onboarding and the training associated, with Automation Anywhere is essential to our RPA team. Kiran’s specializations are provided in a string solution approach that increases clients’ ROI when they implement RPA into their lives. #AutomationCreation

Yuxin Yan

Corporate Legal Clerk

Yuxin is Lumaxia’s Corporate Legal Clerk. She spends her days working on contract and agreement drafting, legal research, and reviewing Lumaxia’s legal documents. The open community of Lumaxia is the perfect environment for stimulating legal work that allows me to help both our clients and the company as a whole. #Driven

Nilesh Patil

Head of Digital Marketing

Nilesh is our Head of Marketing. He is a Digital Marketing Evangelist with a record of achievements in conceiving & implementing ideas that have fuelled market presence, driven revenue, and resulted in client retention. He makes sure Lumaxia presents itself in a way that is in line with our values and focuses on making sure things are accessible to our clients. #innovator

Pramod Naik

Vice President of Business Development

Promod is a consultant that understands technology and is able to use that knowledge to help businesses grow. He is the Vice-President of Business Development for both Lumaxia and the business that fall under the Lumaxia umbrella. With respect to the diversified culture of an equal opportunity employer, he performs his responsibilities in an ethical and honest manner. #Growth

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Get your organization the digital workforce that can transform the information-intensive business processes, reduce their manual work and minimize costs and errors, while improving the customer engagement.

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