Robotic Process Automation

We collaborate with our client’s department heads to identify end-to-end RPA opportunities and create solutions with a guaranteed ROI road map for success. Over the last 6+ years, we’ve automated our client’s labor-intensive manual processes eliminating manual errors and human inefficiency while reducing cost 40+% and improving quality to 99.97%.

End-to-End Processes

Combine a sequence of manual tasks to create an End-to-End RPA processes.

Enterprise process use cases such as:

– Account to Report (A2R)
– Order to Cash (O2C)
– Procure to Pay (P2P)
– Human Resources
– Master Data Management

are ideal automation candidates.

Insurance and Banking

The Insurance and Banking Industry have processes that are very
unique. They require a combination of industry and technical
knowledge to identify the ideal opportunities for automation. This
combination leads the best ROI.

Automation use case examples:

– Underwriting Claims
– Processing
– Business and Process Analytics Manual
– Data Entry Process Regulatory
– Compliance
– Policy Cancellation
– Account maintenance
– Loan origination Fraud and risk review
– Loan servicing Escrow

Adopting Automation

Automation of processes using robotic tools dates back two decades.
Today’s RPA technology has evolved. It has gained a lot of visibility
and traction towards large-scale adoption recently. Workplace
evolution to digital has triggered the need for improved technical

To achieve a functional digital workplace, enterprises must now
turn to automation. It is critical to look at technology.
Also, consider the combination of organizational capabilities for
the right investment decision. Identify optimal opportunities that
will address the needs of your business.

Our experienced consultants have a wide range of technical
expertise. They will identify the right processes. Additionally, they
will create a well-designed automation roadmap for your


We help articulate the business outcomes you can expect in your RPA and Automation journey. What are the real impacts and business benefits when you automate a process? Where and how do you re-deploy your people, and what new skills will your workforce need? We help you discover answers to these and other vital questions that will enable your decision making.


We use our extensive research to help you determine what’s best for your business. Our experts recommend the best mix of tools and technologies for your specific business requirements. We partner with the best-of-breed automation tools in the market and being technology agnostic. We will ensure that your decisions are driven only by your specific business needs.


If you need to build the capability to assess, develop, monitor, update and manage your bot-sphere, our Playbook, with ready frameworks and templates to build and operate an enterprise-wide automation COE, can be customized for any enterprise.


Effective change management is a critical success factor in implementing any automation program. Our change management experts work with your executive team to design, roll out, and manage the change with all stakeholders at all touch-points.


Though easy to implement, automation projects need a very high level of program management, bringing together several work streams with simultaneous change. Our project and program managers have several years of experience. They professionally plan and deploy your automation transformation journey.