Partnership with Automation Anywhere

We have partnered with RPA company Automation Anywhere, one of the world leaders in RPA bot automation implementation. We use Automation Anywhere software when consulting for our clients, and we also provide professional RPA training sessions to individuals on how to get certified in using the Automation Anywhere bot development software.

Our Solutions

Robotics Process Automation

We collaborate with our client’s department heads to identify end-to-end RPA opportunities and create solutions with a guaranteed ROI road map for success. Over the last 5+ years, we’ve automated our client’s labor-intensive manual processes eliminating manual errors and human inefficiency while reducing cost 40+% and improving quality to 99.97%.

– Order Management
– Invoice Processing
– Sales Order
– Data Transfer from one system to another system
– Recruitment Back office work
– Enrollment Process
– Reconciliation

Intelligent Process Automation

For processes that can’t be automated by traditional RPA because the process data is not structured, artificial intelligence (AI) software can be used to handle the data using machine learning (ML). We work with clients to create process solutions in this manner using different technology like Python, R, NLP, ., and java.

– Data Security
– Financial Trading
– Healthcare

Industries that RPA often benefits

– Banking
– Insurance
– Technology
– Telecommunication
– Retail
– Consumer Goods
– Manufacturing
– Healthcare
– Government

We Help You In

ROI Assessment and Business Use Case Development

We study your existing business workflow processes and then identify the best ways to implement RPA into your business. We closely involve your business in this journey, and we will answer all questions you have along the way.

Tool Selection

We consider these factors during tool evaluation: Easy to use, Scalability, Reliability, Flexibility, Governance, and Visibility. Our RPA expert team is very knowledgeable in the RPA industry and on what RPA technology tools to recommend based on specific business requirements. We hold partnerships with a variety of RPA tools.

Design, Development, and Testing

We have highly skilled RPA solutions architects who can design solutions that work with any existing infrastructure. Bot development is the key factor in RPA success, and Lumaxia’s RPA developer team is well equipped to develop and test complex bots that follow good practices and adhere to industry standards.

BOT Support & Management

We have a team of onsite engineers and support staff with extensive experience in supporting RPA Bots and digital workers. The Lumaxia support team not only manages the Bots but also is prepared to do a deep dive into any software bugs or issues that arise in order to solve the problem within our committed timelines.

Organizational Change Management (OCM)

The success of your RPA program depends on how you are able to manage organizational changes that come along with it. Lumaxia’s OCM experts will work closely with company stakeholders to identifying the change, analyze the change, and guide leaders through the best change integration that will not negatively impact existing programs.


Build the capability to design, develop, test, and manage your RPA and Digital Workers with Lumaxia bot framework, pre-defined reusable BOTs, and templates to build and manage an organization-wide automation COE.

Key Benefits and Advantages RPA

The benefits of RPA are various and always expanding, as automation and AI software develop quickly. Currently, these key points are among the top advantages of this robotic automation process.

  • Reduced operational cost
  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Accuracy and quality
  • Reduced response time
  • ROI is higher compare to other forms of automation
  • Optimize resource use
  • Data security
  • Process insights and analytics
  • Error-free operations

Our Automation Resource Pool

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Solution Architect
  • Automation Technical Lead
  • RPA Developers
  • RPA Tester
  • Data Scientist